About Me

Hi! Thanks for being curious about me. I’m Leianne Vinluan call anne ūüôā ¬†It’s a short name but I prefer myself as Agent June Iparis, I won’t mind if you call me June or June Iparis or Agent Iparis or just my real name.¬†I’m a Grade 11 student, taking STEM in Saint Louis University Baguio City, ¬†Future Doctor and Aspiring Author! (I’m not good at introducing myself)

I started reading when I was in Grade 2. My Parents and I watched Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone that time and I really got curious where did they get the story then my Parents told it’s from a Book they bought the first book from the series AND I didn’t really finished it until I was 9 years old. I continued reading and reading lots of book from Geronimo Stilton¬†(I know and I’m not ashamed to admit I read alot of those books) to Percy Jackson¬†to Hunger Games to more YA books! I’ve also read a few books of Shakespeare like Romeo & Juliet, Julius Ceasar & Macbeth. I never stopped reading (unless I want to sleep or do my homework or quality time for my fam )

Now, at the age of fifteen I can say that I am a book nerd or book freak. Even though I am not that oh so Intelligent (or whatever you call for intelligent people) atleast I embrace and love reading, it taught me lessons through every books I’ve read. Whenever I open a book I feel like going to another dimension of the living world. I may not be that person you will be proud because of intelligence but I have the heart and moral of every character that I have met and read on books.¬†

I love to express my thoughts through writing. So yeah, That’s all! I talk to much. Much that I want to say everything about me.

Let’s have fun & read books!